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Notice: New York State Executive Order Limits Policy Cancelations, Extends Hardship Payment Terms for 12 Months

An executive order issued by Governor Cuomo, along with recent amendments to insurance regulations, gives individuals and small businesses that are experiencing financial hardship because of the coronavirus pandemic additional rights under their property and casualty insurance policies and extends grace periods for late payments. 

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Errors & Omissions: Protection From Off-the-Wall, Groundless Lawsuits

Professional Liability insurance (Errors and Omissions) is designed to provide for the photographer or videographer's legal defense and pay for awarded damages when another party alleges some negligence or wrongdoing that resulted in a loss. General Liability coverage specifically addresses bodily injury, property damage, and personal/advertising injury. 

An unhappy or unsatisfied bride or groom may not allege that you physically injured either of them; but that won't always stop a lawsuit from being filed against you. Rare as they are, claims against professional photographers that allege an Error or Omission do happen, many times years after the wedding event...sometimes after the marraige already ended in divorce.

Read the New York Times article entitled "Years Later, Lawsuit Seeks to Recreate a Wedding":

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Errors & Omissions is a unique brand of liability insurance that will often defend the professional against professional service related lawsuits. Package Choice is pleased to offer Errors & Omissions nationwide. 

How or whether insurance coverage responds, of course, depends on the allegations and the facts specific to each case; but, it's fair to state that the purpose of E & O is to defend a photographer when the bride, groom or other individual claims that the work product falls short of reasonable professional standards.

Introducing Package Choice™ Photographer's Insurance
Package ChoiceTM is a comprehensive, multi-insurance carrier program administered by Hill & Usher Insurance & Surety. Since 1998, thousands of professional photographers and videographers throughout the United States have come to rely on the program for complete business insurance protection. Standard and available coverages include:

Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability)

Insurance for Cameras & other Photography gear

Worldwide Camera Insurance is available

Protection for Computers and Portable Electronics

Business Personal Property (Studio Contents)

Business Income Insurance & Extra Expense

General Liabiity Insurance for Photographers

Certificates of Insurance for Venues and Landlords


Package ChoiceTM and Hill & Usher are focused around these core values

Consultative. Collaboration with customers on coverage and policy design.

Cost-Effective. Value and high quality for your insurance premium investment.

Customer Focused. Efficiency and ease of doing business.

Competence. Deliver technical expertise and product knowledge.

Relationship Strength. Establishing solid relationships with you and insurance providers.

Ethics. Uncompromising trust, honesty and integrity at all times with all people.

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Actual photography insurance claims and what we paid:

Camera equipment left in the trunk of a taxi:
Total paid to Package Choice policyholder: $21,520.00

Images lost after hard drive crashed.
Total Paid to Package Choice policyholder: $6,688.00

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Why Choose Package Choice?
Package Choice™ is comprehensive. Designed specifically with the Professional Photographer in mind, Package Choice™ combines many property and liability coverages Photographers need into one policy.
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