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E.J. Simpson, Package Choice Customer
E.J., a San Ramon California based photographer, makes a living capturing the rough and tumble world of amateur and professional rodeo. For gear, E.J. uses Nikon, for insurance he chooses PackageChoice by Hill & Usher. E.J. was featured in the May 2007 edition of Rangefinder. (PDF 800kb)

Lauren Odell Usher, Package Choice Customer
"In this world every individual and every moment of their lives is significant."
-- Lauren Odell Usher

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Why Choose Package Choice?
Package Choice™ is comprehensive. Designed specifically with the Professional Photographer in mind, Package Choice™ combines many property and liability coverages Photographers need into one policy.
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"When photographers and videographers think insurance, they think Hill & Usher. Contact us today to discover why Hill & Usher's Package Choice program is the unmatched leader in the market."
Richard B. Usher
Agency and Program Founder
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