www.ApogeePhoto.com/ - A free online magazine for photographers.  Both entertaining and informative!

www.FOTO8.com - "The Home of Photojournalism"

www.PhotoBetty.com - E-zine for women photographers

www.Photo.net - The largest general photography community on the web.

www.TakeGreatPictures.com - Tips from master photographers.

www.ZeroZone.com - Is a site dedicated to image making and photography.

www.PhotoshopUser.com - National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

www.KelbyTV.com - Online Shows for Creative Professionals.

www.PhotographyTalk.com - The biggest Photography Community on the planet.

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Package Choice™ is comprehensive. Designed specifically with the Professional Photographer in mind, Package Choice™ combines many property and liability coverages Photographers need into one policy.
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